makin money, makin money

money :n.: a medium that can be exchanged for goods and services and is used as a measure of their values on the market, including among its forms a commodity such as gold, an officially issued coin or note, or a deposit in a checking account or other readily liquifiable account.
you will see the jokers will be the new kings.
so, I really need to do a re-design and touch up of my site again. have to bring everything into line with my new career path and goals. upload some sketches. shit like that. been up since 5am this morning, my brain kicked on in my sleep and started doing math and problem solving. turns out we were on crack, and now we’ve got off the crazy pills and brought things back into line with reality. all ahead, full.
I know I haven’t been calling people a lot lately, but honest, I am working 40 hours a week at my day job ( for 7 more days anyhow ) and nearly full time at one of my dream jobs. like, making video games, bringing a world to life. fun. so fun. giddy fun.
anyhow, hey all out there, I’m not dead. I leave you with a haiku inspired by roadkill skunk.

now beside the road
cars passing, wind ruffling fur
a poetic stench

3 thoughts on “makin money, makin money

  1. Good to know you’re not dead. It’ a good feeling to stay up, working on something your are passionate about. You’re living the dream mister. Doing work you like is a gift. Just remember not to burn yourself out.I realized that going back to a certain old job and finally having a say. Can’t wait to read about yah in Forbes on day, I think, I might only make the cover of the National Enquirer. But it is a life goal. But do get some sleep dude.Will keep Tina sane (Though she keeps me sane most of the time). She’s working a lot and working on her art (Life likes to interrupt her all the time). She’s a restless soul by nature and needs a challenge all the time. But she is one of the strongest people I know (Most be a family gene). Like you she will always land on her feet. It’s a cat people thing.Mr. Brown

  2. you need to update your blog more….oh..wait….so do I. Im-a gonna C U in 13 dayz!

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