Dental Floss Review – Johnson & Johnson Mint Waxed Floss

A really mild, almost missing, flavour built on top of a typical stringy waxed floss did little to impress me or my gums. There was a bit of shredding between some of my really tight teeth, but the floss did grab bits in the teeth fairly well. It was like most floss, easy to use, though I found that it didn’t wrap and un-wrap around my fingers as nice as some other floss. The wax tended to bind so I couldn’t get my super fly flossing technique to perfection. Bleed factor was typical, which is to say minimal.


Flavour: 3/10
Texture: 4/10
Shred Resistance: 5/10
Cleaning Effectiveness: 6/10
Ease of Use: 5/10
The Bleed Factor: 7/10

This concludes my pointless review of dental flosses.

2 thoughts on “Dental Floss Review – Johnson & Johnson Mint Waxed Floss

  1. What, no conclusion or final summary? Editors choice? Best and worst… this information is useless without someone telling me how to evaluate it.

  2. I dunno, I think people can figure out how to evaluate it on their own. Maybe I give them too much credit. :D
    Here’s some interpretation then, picked semi randomly:
    Worst: Johnson & Johnson Reach Total Care Easy Sliding Dental Floss
    The Best: Crest Glide Deep Clean

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