Dental Floss Review – Oral B Satin Floss – Mint

This is one of those ribbon style flosses, and it’s insanely strong. I could probably hold together a small airplane with it. Flavour wise it was a mild mint, which was all right. Texture wise it felt really smooth between the teeth, and it certainly resisted shredding ( or cutting ) as it was coming out of the packaging and my tooth crevasses. Unfortunately it’s a bit slick, so it doesn’t do a very good job grabbing food particles between the teeth. I ended up having to do some finger gymnastics to get the floss angled to pull out bits in the molars. Since I had to double floss a number of areas it’s less easy to use, though it did wrap around the fingers and stay in place quite nicely. Bleed factor nominal, about average for flossing.


Flavour: 5/10
Texture: 5/10
Shred Resistance: 9/10
Cleaning Effectiveness: 3/10
Ease of Use: 3/10
The Bleed Factor: 7/10

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