Dental Floss Review – Colgate Total Dental Floss – Mint

This floss is weak sauce.

It barely has any flavour at all, which normally I don’t care about but if you are going to make a floss and flavour it mint it should at least taste minty. Perhaps the remnants of fajitas and chipotle sauce made the mint hard to taste… Texture wise it is like standard floss, but a little thicker and fairly smooth, perhaps half way between a waxed floss and un-waxed floss. Shed resistance was pathetic, just pulling it out of the tester pack started shredding the stuff. Cleaning wise it did a fairly normal job, nothing to get excited about. It was easy to use, though it did tend to stick in the more shred-prone areas of the teeth. Bleed factor was good, it didn’t lacerate my gums.

Over all I’d say meh, with a side of hand wobble.


Flavour: 2/10
Texture: 5/10
Shred Resistance: 2/10
Cleaning Effectiveness: 6/10
Ease of Use: 5/10
The Bleed Factor: 8/10

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