Dental Floss Review – Crest Glide Deep Clean

I’ve been having all sorts of issues with my dental floss lately. Normally I use what ever generic floss is on sale at the drug store, but recent fillings are causing shredding of my cheap-whatever-brand floss. At one point the floss bunched up and wedged between my teeth, a most unpleasant experience.

My dentist ( tell them Marcus Riedner sent you and I get a coupon! ) has kindly given me a pile of different floss samples ranging from unwaxed floss to ribbons floss to these serious looking dental picks. So I’ve decided to review them for; flavour, texture, shred resistance, effectiveness at tooth cleaning, ease of use, and ‘the bleed factor’. I’ll be using one a day during the week ( Monday to Friday ) at lunch to see how they stand up against each other.

First floss I’m trying is Crest Glide Deep Clean, it’s more of a ribbon floss with a really silky wax coating. This one has a strong minty flavour ( “cool mint” ) which is pleasant if you’re into that sort of thing. Texture wise it is very smooth, like waxy ribbon. I found that it slid between the teeth easily, even the really tight ones with new fillings that have been bothering me lately. The floss is highly shred resistant, I tried dragging it along the points of my incisors and it held up perfectly. Unfortunately it did not seem to be as grabby when it came to food particles, so I ended up having to jimmy it about a bit more, making it harder to use. In terms of ‘the bleed factor’ hardly a drip, though around my really sensitive teeth there was a bit.

Over all I like it much better then the generic floss I have been using.


Flavour: 7/10
Texture: 7/10
Shred Resistance: 9/10
Cleaning Effectiveness: 4/10
Ease of Use: 5/10
The Bleed Factor: 8/10

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