Garage Version One-Point-Oh

So our big project for the first summer of home ownership is finally finished. Our Not-A-Garage is now a Garage-Once-More. To recap: the previous owners had converted the garage into an office space and computer repair shop. Things were pretty rough in there, broken shelving, plywood layered on the cement, and in a few places screwed in. The door opener was broken, we did not have any working clickers, the door tracks were gone, the spring was unmounted, and the door itself was beat up really bad.

A couple weeks ago we had a crew in to replace the door and had a belt drive opener added in. Today I did a final clean up of the garage, swept out the piles of loose computer screws, bits of scrap insulation, and piles of dust. I’ve hung the all important guide line, that bit of rope with a tennis ball on the end that bonks into your windshield so you don’t drive too far forward and toast your car.
For the first time since we moved in, for the first time in years, our garage is fulfilling it’s purpose once again: keeping the crazy Calgary weather off our car.

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