Crazy compost…

The compost bin has gone out of control. It is currently eating everything in site, devouring organic matter at a frightful pace. I do not have a thermometer for my composting efforts, but when I pull the lid off the bins I get a wave of warm air, and a little stir of the top inch or so reveals a toasty warm ( and humid ) biosphere that is happily eating kitchen scraps and yard waste.

I really am astounded at how fast it is eating things. It reduces the lawn clippings by 50% in 10 days. I am a bit worried that it may be running too hot, and that the temperature will get too high and the heap will start to kill itself off, it hasn’t been the warmest of weather here in Calgary over the last few weeks. I’m still trying to find out what the best temperature is supposed to be, I think this heap is sitting around 30-35 Celsius, maybe as hot as 40 Celsius in the core. Stirring seems to cool the heap down, and gets the active… ecosystem up into the new items added. Sort of like making sourdough bread, or yogurt, you get the hyped up live sections to mingle with the new food sources and the party starts. Gets some air in there as well.

I think at some point I have over watered, it is really mucky and bog like in the lower-central part of the bin. I’ve cut back on the amount of H2O I add, I now only water when I add a new layer of clippings or yard waste. We’ll see how that goes.

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