in-stain in the membrane…

There is something wonderful about wood. The grain, knots, the smell; I absolutely love every aspect of working with timber. So it was a shame to see how poorly kept the front deck was at our place when we moved in and cleared off the snow. The cedar deck boards looked like they had never been stained, and had been largely ignored. Mildew, algae and sun damage everywhere. But this is nothing a little pressure washing and some deck stain can’t fix.

The problem with me and staining a deck is the sun. I have this fair skin that likes to turn the colour of cooked lobster if I am in the sun for longer then 30 minutes, and staining this deck was a four hour job. Lots of sun screen SPF 10,000 was applied, but I still may burn. I’m also sort of high from the fumes of the stain… water based or not, the stuff has some chops when it comes to smell. So at this point I am in-stain in the membrane, in-stain in the brain…

Har. Har.

The deck is going to look fantastic once we are done with it. The first coat has taken it from ‘oh my ghawd, dats so GHETTO!’ to ‘Dude, that’s SWEEEET!!’ I’m hoping the second coat takes it all the way to ‘DAY-AHM how much did THAT cost?!’ We shall see.

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