Bread, Amish style

The latest bread baking is done! I have found that yeast seems to like listening to Happy Hardcore, it makes the little critters foam and froth and go buck wild! This session of bread baking involved an ‘Amish’ style white bread. It has quite a lot of sugar in it, for a change I used white sugar instead of brown sugar or honey. Added a good slug of salt as well. Whether it was the white sugar or the Happy Hardcore, the bread rose like mad and turned out really nice. The loaves are pretty big though, makes it a bit hard to cut the bread. I think I may have to turn it on its side to get even slices.

In other news the compost heap is going nuts. I opened it up to add some funky leftover salads and bruschetta and the damn thing was steaming. That’s right, it’s sitting there at around 40ÂșC or so, and in the cool air today it was out-gassing like a dying star. Smells like… silage. Especially since I added the lawn clippings. I gave it a good stir and watered it down, which seemed to make it steam all the more.

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