dream car…

car : n. : a vehicle that runs on rails.
I’ve found my dream car… or at least a rough range of years for my dream car. a 1955-1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor hearse or ambulance. they are brutally hard to find, though you can find some rotting in fields here and there across north america. why are they hard to find? people keep buying them and turning them into replicas of ecto 1.
here are some pictures!

look at those fins… and that front grill and bumper? my goodness…now picture the size of the battery bank you can get into that big ass long hood!

One thought on “dream car…

  1. I know exactly where one sits, rotting in a field with a “for sale” sign in Salem, Missouri! You could probably see it from Google Maps if it had any zoom at all. I’ve long considered buying that booger…

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