hi-torque electric

electric : adj. : (of a color) brilliant and vivid.
I’ve been digging around and trying to find out more about electric motors, particularly in automotive applications. the killacycle website has been leading me to a pile of interesting information and site on high performance electric vehicles. killacycle lead me to hi torque electric, a site that has inspired me to learn a pile more about electric motors, how to strip them appart and put them back together. the motors on this site look awesome.
I think to get my dream Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance ( preferably a high-top ) up and running as an electric I’ll need to learn some more about the motors and stuff. Once the move is done I’ll have to head over to Ribtor or Princess Auto and pick up a cheap $40 electric motor and start ripping it appart and learn…
would be cool to do more than just strip down and mod a motor, I’d love to build one from scratch…

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