bread, attempt number four

So I’ve taken to baking bread, and I think I’m getting close to a viable skill. I did my fourth batch yesterday and I’ve got the ratio of whole wheat, white flour, and various grain components down pretty solid. My bread is not as dense as a brick, and it has good loft and texture. It is still tasting a bit yeasty, but I don’t mind that so much.

The next phase is to perfect the moisture level in the bread. This batch came out a bit dry, I think I over baked the bread. Did not have a cooking thermometer to test the internal temperature of the bread, so had to guess using kebab skewers and tapping the bread in strange manners. If I can get it moister it will improve the texture a bit, and make it a lot better for sandwiches. I think this batch was dry due to over baking, and maybe the oats… oats suck up water.

I started baking bread because I made the mistake of reading the ingredients list on the bread we like, and failed to recognize 40% of the crap in mass made bread. That and it is costing $3.50 – $5.00 a loaf. FIVE BUCKS. That gets me enough ingredients to bake 10 loaves. So, because I’m getting old and cheap, and because I don’t want to eat poly-triglyceride 1,4,5, I now bake bread every now and then.

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