1-2-3 bullseye, you’re high

So we have this half bathroom en suite off our master bedroom that is turning into the one ‘disaster DIY’ area of our home. The current theory is that when the home was built in 1973 the interior of the house was painted with a high gloss oil paint. At some point in the 80s ( two owners ago ) someone seems to have poorly primed the walls and started painting latex over the oil. For those in the know this is tricky stuff. You have to rough up the oil paint with sandpaper ( all of it ) and then use a tough primer like 1-2-3 Bullseye. This seals off the oil so the water based latex paint can bind to the walls.

But in our bathroom this wasn’t done, so when we started painting the walls the paint in high moisture areas such as around the sink started to bubble. We were at one point pulling off strips of paint 10 centimitres wide and a meter long. ( 4″ and 3′ for the metric challenged. ) But we made the mistake of not pulling off everything right then. We got bummed out. We were tired of painting, so we went home for the day. While we were away the paint partially recured to the walls, and things got really nasty. I tried removing the paint on the walls but after spending an hour to remove about one square foot I gave up. We’ve decided to putty, prime, and repaint.

The proper solution is to rip the drywall off. But that means redoing electrical, plumbing ( have to remove a toilet and vanity ), and structure ( may as well fix the damned room and any problems since it is getting ripped down. ) It would be a $3000 – $7500 job, and we just don’t want to deal with it. So we are painting over the problem, knowing we have to fix it later.

The cool thing about this little en suite is that it has no fan. That means that when you are in there with 1-2-3 Bullseye, you get high. Like I mean inhalent huffing eyes running nose dripping high because the ventilation is so poor. We’ve got fans running to get air ciculation, but even with that you are sure to get stoned. So right now I’m a bit toasted, and I keep blinking really fast… but the priming is done. Fingers crossed it binds and cures to the wall.

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