Garage Version One-Point-Oh

So our big project for the first summer of home ownership is finally finished. Our Not-A-Garage is now a Garage-Once-More. To recap: the previous owners had converted the garage into an office space and computer repair shop. Things were pretty rough in there, broken shelving, plywood layered on the cement, and in a few places screwed in. The door opener was broken, we did not have any working clickers, the door tracks were gone, the spring was unmounted, and the door itself was beat up really bad.

A couple weeks ago we had a crew in to replace the door and had a belt drive opener added in. Today I did a final clean up of the garage, swept out the piles of loose computer screws, bits of scrap insulation, and piles of dust. I’ve hung the all important guide line, that bit of rope with a tennis ball on the end that bonks into your windshield so you don’t drive too far forward and toast your car.
For the first time since we moved in, for the first time in years, our garage is fulfilling it’s purpose once again: keeping the crazy Calgary weather off our car.

Greetings Bluescentric

About six or eight weeks ago Matt H came to looking for some help with a website design project. Matt is a fab coder, but self admits he all thumbs with design and CSS, so when he asked I was happy to help out a guy who’s doing some seriously cool stuff. Matt is a huge fan of the Blues, and has always wanted to see a nice blues information and merch site. Thus was born Bluescentric.

I did the basic design of the site, built the bulk of the CSS and images, and did a bunch of stuff with forms and the like. I then handed it over to Matt who’s gone through and added his own touches here and there, proving he’s not as clumsy in Photoshop as he thinks. It’s more or less an information site, with some merch, and some listings of Blues bands ( past, present, and future ). I’m looking forward to seeing how this one grows and develops.
There were some fun challenges on the site: The wood and paper sidebars were a tricky thing to do. They needed to look neat, and they needed to expand to fit what ever future content was going there. My favourite part of the entire design is the Matt’s Taphouse & Tunes logo, I want that on a T-Shirt.
Samples for everyone to poke at, comments and critique always welcome. You can find them over on the Design page as well.


Seven of Spades

I was out on my morning walk today and I stumbled across a playing card, face down, on the sidewalk in front of me. The card was one of those cheap decks of waxed paper, all curled and worn from rain and who knows how many feet. The back is printed in reflex blue ink, a simple pattern of crowns with a small shield that contains a roaring lion. Minor scroll work.

The card seemed to draw me too it, so I picked it up, and flipped it over.
The card is the Seven of Spades.
In fortune telling the Seven of Spades represents: ‘Advice that is best not taken; loss. There is some obstacle to success, and this indicates the obstacle may be coming from within the seeker. May also represent surprise: stealth in dealings, betrayal by someone you trust. Minor theft.’
I found the card on the ground, at an odd angle too me. Because of that I am choosing not to view it as an inverted sign.
What was I thinking about as I was walking: what to do with my employment life, friends who I’m ticked off at, friends who I am worried about, my wife and our collective health issues.
I have decided to incorporate the card into a drawing or painting.

It’s animal, living in a human zoo…

So, I have a dirty secret.

I am a fan of AC/DC, and I have been since I was 12 years old. I know, it is horrible, but I can sing along to just about every AC/DC song. I though that tonight would be a good time to share my all-time-favourite AC/DC song.
I’ve been in love with this song since I saw Joe banging out the drum line in Empire Records. Every time I hear it I feel like dancing like Lucas, though there is no way I am ever going to be that skinny or look that good in a black long-sleeve cotton shirt.
My fascination with AC/DC goes back a long way, when I was a teen my friends and I would blare AC/DC all the time. My mom would let us play it in the car when she’d drive my friends and I between trailer parks and malls. It is this total red-neck-lower-income-bracket-hold-over-thing for me. I love it. I embrace it. And now you can too.