design time

design : n. : purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact, or material object.
all the recent thinking and talk about mucking around with vehicles has made me want to design a bunch of things. industrial design, mechanical design, building design. I’ve started mucking about with layouts for a dream home for Sarah and I. I’ve started doodling out alternate body shapes for vehicles. layouts for wiring… I’ve gone design crazy!
I’m gonna need to get Vectorworks or something so I can actually do some proper designs up.
the last little bit has been a lot of thinking about shops, layouts for buildings, and figuring out what sort of tools I need to do the stuff I want to do. fun stuff!

dream car part duex

duex : cardinal number : french for two
so, barring my ability to track down an old miller-meteor from the fifties my dream car ( to convert to EV ) would be a Volkswagon Westfalia. just picture the fun of camping in an EV Westfalia? oh the glory…we could paint it pink for Sarah, with white daisy-like flowers…

hi-torque electric

electric : adj. : (of a color) brilliant and vivid.
I’ve been digging around and trying to find out more about electric motors, particularly in automotive applications. the killacycle website has been leading me to a pile of interesting information and site on high performance electric vehicles. killacycle lead me to hi torque electric, a site that has inspired me to learn a pile more about electric motors, how to strip them appart and put them back together. the motors on this site look awesome.
I think to get my dream Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance ( preferably a high-top ) up and running as an electric I’ll need to learn some more about the motors and stuff. Once the move is done I’ll have to head over to Ribtor or Princess Auto and pick up a cheap $40 electric motor and start ripping it appart and learn…
would be cool to do more than just strip down and mod a motor, I’d love to build one from scratch…

dream car…

car : n. : a vehicle that runs on rails.
I’ve found my dream car… or at least a rough range of years for my dream car. a 1955-1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor hearse or ambulance. they are brutally hard to find, though you can find some rotting in fields here and there across north america. why are they hard to find? people keep buying them and turning them into replicas of ecto 1.
here are some pictures!

look at those fins… and that front grill and bumper? my goodness…now picture the size of the battery bank you can get into that big ass long hood!

hobby time…

time : n. : an indefinite period.
I have started a new obsession, high efficiency non-petroleum vehicles that don’t suck.
that’s right. I am sick of waiting for a car company to make an electric or hydrogen or fuel cell vehicle that doesn’t suck the big one, or cost as much as a Tesla, or look like ( in the words of Davin from work ) a giant dildo with wheels.
so I have decided to build one myself.
I’ve never built a car. I’ve never taken a car apart. I don’t weld. I don’t change oil. I don’t program computers. I’m an artist. it is just fancy lego right?
step one was started tonight, I’ve been learning about engines and the mysterious numbers associated with them… terms and numbers like ‘torque’ and ‘horsepower’ and revolutions per minute’. who’d have thought that you could have a revolution in a minute, let alone 6500?
other than my basic knowledge gaps, there is really only one real problem with an electric car. batteries. everything else is pretty trivial after figuring out a way to get enough power-to-weight so you can do anything. A123 Systems seems to have some seriously cool battery technology that pushes LithiumIon batteries past what you see in your typical laptop.
so the big question I have to decide is performance racer, long distance highway cruiser, or low-calorie city jaunter. a combination of performance racer and long distance highway cruiser would be cool…
once we get moved back to Calgary I’ll have to figure out where and how to get this done, for now it is lots of information gathering, thinking, and drawing bitchin car shapes!