free wifi at yvr

we live in a strange world these days. a world that is constantly expanding, an information based world where things are growing faster than we can ever individually hope to manage. at the same time, the world is getting smaller by the hour.
a friend of mine calls me up from los angeles while I’m at a birthday party for a friend in vancouver. he’s having a shitty day, and that is an understatement, and he needs someone to help him out. we talk over the phone for a bit, and then I go back to the party.
I get home, I call him up, and he still needs some help. so I jump on and start looking up flights from vancouver to los angeles. I select the cheapest option in the fastest time slot. less than 24 hours later, after having worked a partial shift on the sales floor, I am sitting at yvr abusing the free power and wifi to stream radio, blog, chat, and catch up on work emails. I take off to los angeles to help my friend in an hour, and I will be back thursday in time for my returning wife to help her unpack from her kayaking trip.
the cat is not impressed.
but think about that. think about how small the world is when you can get a phone call, arrange travel tickets, insurance, and the lot and be off in under 24 hours. I did everything online, even picking my seat on the plane. this is unheard of to our grand parents, and mind blowing to our parents, to us it is every day, and to our kids a 24 hour turnaround time will seem slow.
we live in a society where our whims can be brought to reality as fast as we can think them up. it is more important than ever that we learn to pick and choose what whims and desires we follow, and those we leave behind.
I am flying to los angeles to help a friend, what whim are you following up on?