camp evac, 2008

camp :n: a group of people favoring the same ideals, doctrines, etc.
so sarah and I went camping this lovely victoria day long weekend. for the most part is was the typical group camping shenanigans. jaggerbombs, ice chests of beer, fires, and nitrate filled pork products on buns. ( hotdogs ). we went out with some people we’ve met through church, and were having a right old good time.
the weather this year has been wet and cold, so that means the snow pack in the mountains is pretty hefty. up until the last few days the weather has been pretty cloudy and cool, but on thursday there was a warming trend, and by friday it was blazingly sunny and cranking up to 25 to 30 celcius.
for those who don’t follow snow packs, weather, and flooding that means almost nothing. for those that do you know that it means a really hard fast melting of the snow pack in the mountains, which means rivers get deep and fast.
we watched the river, which was high with spring runoff already, climb the banks at a rate of 18 inches a day. by yesterday afternoon we were watching entire trees, ripped off the eroding river banks, churning through what had become some serious white water rapids. the banks across the river from us were eroding fast, and a 20 cliff face was pushed back about 4 feet in a couple days.
everything looked like it was going to be okay, and that the flood waters had reached a high last night around 10pm. we had build some small levies and trenches to direct water flow away from our lower camp site areas… but we never thought to consider other campsites along the river. at about 2:30am today the water broke through one of the sites next to us, and started flooding out anything low laying. including the access road to the campground.
we spent a lot of time digging more trenches, helping a couple strangers to move tents as the water pushed into their site, and generally wandering around in semi-drunken red-bull fueled silliness. we figured things would be fine until morning when we could re-assess the situation in the light.
well, 5am rolled around and the rangers came in for their first morning inspection… and they decided that since today was going to be another scorcher, that it was time to evacuate out portions of the camp ground. that meant us all packing up a couple days early ( most of us were out there until tomorrow ) and heading out.
so as we were breaking camp one of our group noticed they had a flat tire, so we traveled the 70km drive to the nearest town at 60km/h to keep pace with a car driving on a pizza-cutter spare tire.
all in all, a totally wicked way to spend a weekend. awesome in every definition of the word. I hope bill, kelly, micheal, tracy, brad, karra, dave, and deana had as much fun!