summer sun

summer : n. : a stone laid upon a pier, column, or wall, from which one or more arches spring: usually molded or otherwise treated like the arch or arches springing from it.
It smells like cut lawn and green things outside the office today. I can hear people moving around the neighborhood, lawn mowers are mowing, someone is using a pressure washer to clean a driveway. Every now and then a bit of a breeze blows in through the window beside me, and I can smell sweet blossoms on the air, and a hint of the strong stink of a dairy farm not far from here.
It’s quite pleasant.
It seems like things are always going faster, and I am yearning for a slower life. Something in the country, where I can be pastoral, and wake up to the sun and drink a cup of coffee or tea on a veranda. I long for something simpler, and it is getting to be a harder battle to stay in an urban area.
Three more years. My mantra.