not dead, honest

honest : adj. : sincere; frank.
I am not dead, honest! I am just swimming with alligators… well, maybe not alligators, but I am certainly up to my eyeballs in swamp water. every time I turn around it is like I have three more things to do, and less time to do them in.
at least the new plants are in the planter boxes. this year we are going with ‘fire dragon’ ( a small bushy semi-evergreen with red blooms from july to august ), ‘double blue’ grape hyacinth ( they grow like weeds out here, so I am betting they will survive better than some other plants have ), morning glory for the trellis, and night blooming stalk ( aka: evening scented stalk ) for smell. I also moved the thyme into the dry corners of the box, scooted over the salad burnet, and gave everything a hit of new planter mix, worm castings, and kelp juice. oh, and sarah and I put the planters up on bricks so they don’t rot out in the wet ( not to mention the deck rotting potential), the airflow will make the boxes weaker against cold, but the drainage improvement should be a fair trade off.
gardening always calms me down when I am stressed out. plants do not have a problem understanding my sense of humor. they do not mind if I am a grumbly bear. they do not say things that piss me off, nor do they get mad when I say things that piss them off. they are not over reactive, defensive, aggressive, passive, passive aggressive, prone to miss-use of psychological terms, arrogant, demanding, pious, vindictive, malicious, fallacious, worried about what others think or say, insensitive, sensitive, over-sensitive, hyper-sensitive, prone to double standards, insulting, insulted, or manipulative. well, they aren’t as long as they get sun and water.
plants are green, and have pretty flowers some times. occasionally they smell good.
and honestly, who doesn’t love to play in the dirt?