fucked up

fucked : v. tr. : to take advantage of, betray, or cheat; victimize.
I have a blogger account. I have a number of google accounts.
Google buys blogger.
Google runs blogger for a while without changing blogger.
Google consolidates blogger with google.
Blogger log in goes fucked for people with multiple google accounts.
Blogger comment log in fails, regularly.
Blogger log in becomes a pain in the ass.
I look at buying Moveable Type.
This is the story of how Google fucked up blogger.
I hate log in problems. I hate consolidation problems. I hate having to constantly be re-logging into my multiple google accounts just to deal with logging into my blogger account. I hate that when I am at work and want to make a post to my blog, or comment on another bloggers blog with my blogger account, I now have to log out of my work google-aps-for-domain account and log in with my blogger account. I hate that I have to then log out of my blogger google account and log back in with my work google-aps-for-domain account. I hate that if I do not do this, my google aps explode and force me to log in any way. I thank god I am not one of those people with multiple gmail, google aps, aps for domain, and blogger accounts. They must go through a hell of log-in switching.
I hate these things because they cost me minutes a day, and are frustrating.