they’ve got the bomb

got :abbr.: glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase (see AST)
so, north korea has the bomb. not just any bomb, but a nuke! good for them. brand me a crazy, but I just don’t think that the g7 have any right to deny anyone technology of any sort. the USA has subs packing hundreds of nukes swimming around the oceans ready to blow everyone to hell and back, who cares if some god-complex-crazy-movie-buff-dictator-of-a-communist-regime has the bomb too? honestly, they let israel play with these things now and then, and we all know how stable and forward thinking they are. at least someone has the balls to tag the damned wall they are building. don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against israel. I just have things against warmongering states.
so, good on you kim jong-il, don’t let those capitalist dogs tell you you can not have the nuke. oh, and if these ‘sanctions’ on your country ( which barely trades with anyone right now anyway ) get to hard on you, just sell your nukes to other members of the axis-of-evil, they totally will buy from you! the taliban totally have the money to pick up a few thanks to the coalition efforts in afghanistan. isn’t the first time, and won’t be the last time, that american politics feeds the drug trade.
in other news, no matter when and how often I try to call, I can not get a hold of my father. busy signal or answering machine. I do so want to wish him happy thanksgiving and see how he is doing. hope everything is well.
well, now that I’m red flagged by homeland security, lets see how my upcoming trip to the states goes.

stuff and things

stuff :v.: to put fraudulent votes into a ballot box.
so, like, stuff. and things.
it is like the autumn of perpetual visitations. either people are visiting us, or we are visiting them. moms, dads, grandmas, extendeds, strangers, friends, sisters, brothers, co-founders, nephews, neices. it is like a world wind of visitations I tell you. it has been nice, a break from having to endlessly edit business plan copy. though I think we finally managed to get that all out of the way once and for all, at least for this month.
so, hired on some contract artists. I know, I know, I’ve got a family full of artists, why am I not paying them? well, they aren’t sending me folio samples or resumes, or emails, so I can’t very well hire them. actually, I should talk to tina about getting some artwork from her. she’s supposed to be painting more, and she’s good at naming things like they were mayan or aztec, which would be totally cool! in fact, I think I will email her today! and pretty quick here I’ll have to bug my wife-in-waiting ( aka fiance ) to do some fashion illustrations.
ah, joy.
oh, yeah, and I need to get applecare.