backstreets back, all right!

back :v. intr.: to shift to a counterclockwise direction.
so, we are back from our trip. it was less vacation, more charging around alberta visiting and eating too much. lots of potato salad, my least favourite of potato based edibles. now, see, I don’t have anything against potato salad, it’s just I don’t like the kind made with mayo, I like it made with olive oil and balsamic. either way, potato salad quota for the year is filled.
verse studios is coming along nicely these days. we have a demo thanks to travis. yeah, a demo. no, it doesn’t let you run around and shoot things and show off how cool our graphics are, if you want to see that go look at game engines. this thing demos our virtual economy, and how much money we make, and how we make it. far more important than some silly graphics.
so, business plan has entered revision number three, and god help us it better be the last.
and, in closing, if you are interested in investing in us, let me know. I’ll send you a copy of the NDA.