inner hair-band-rocker

hair band : n. , adj. : a rock band from the eighties whose members had long hair, which they teased up with hair-spray to make themselves out to be rebels and distinctive. the music tried to be hard and badass, but was harmless. this is sometimes used as a disparaging description, much like boy band is used today.
he’s the one they call doctor feelgood, he’s the one that makes ya feel all right.
new theme song for you all to jive with, been trying to get in touch with my inner hair-band.

turn me loose…

loverboy :n.: an awesome 80′s band that gave us ‘workin for the weekend’ and ‘hot girl in love’
so, never rent a mac from a computer store, transfer all your music onto it, and then return to the store with your music still on it. we will play it on our loudest speakers and trawl your music collection and judge you.
did you realize you can get accapella versions of pretty much every bloody song in the universe for remixing as a dj?
this guy has to be a wedding dj, prince, mj, the police, mc hammer, ll cool j, queen, slews of techno, hiphop, and pop, and everyone’s favourite, loverboy. wedding. dj.


update :tr. v.: to bring up to date.
so, the following have been done today: created the ‘eyecatcher 1000X’, an elastic band launched paper airplane that died on it’s third flight; sold some things at work; used the semicolon gratuitously; read an article on stock photography cliches; and, finally, took a picture of my new shoes that I can not post due to complications with my brain.
but it is a really good picture.
been plugging numbers into some spreadsheets doing some speculative budgeting and revenue models. got some nice graphs, all dynamic and pretty and the like. pretty hot. excel is most definately not the most ‘beautiful’ application in the world. I’m going to have to pull all these charts into photoshop and make them not suck. maybe, don’t know if it is really needed at all to be honest. there is a guy sitting on our sales floor ‘listening’ to the computers to see if they buzz. honestly people… anyhow, spreadsheets, so hot.
I think I’m gonna do some drawing now… maybe, dunno.

brand new shoes

brand :n.: mark of disgrace or notoriety; a stigma.
so guess who’s got new shoes! yeah, that’s right, I got em, you don’t, bammmp!
well, I got them about a week ago or so, just before Janice came to visit. it was an expensive week. anyhow, they are broken in now, and all comfey and not full of holes, so I’m happy. they are these nice hiking/walking deals from MEC that I almost always have to lace and unlace to get on and off. oh, arch support, so lovely, how I have missed it.
wow, this is how dull things are right now. talking about my stupid shoes. I can not talk about all the cool stuff going on in the business world because it’s all confidential and top secret and if I say it here I’d have to possibly kill everyone who reads my not-a-blog. which may be feasable… if improbable. what I can say is we are officially incorporated in the state of delaware and our agent has an office that overlooks an industrial park that overlooks a river that overlooks new jersey and a turnpike. must be beautiful when the sun hits the smog in the morning.
so it’s Sarah and my third year of being a couple annaversary and we are going out for seafood on granville island.
what else…lets see, ummm…
nope, nothing else going on that is coming to mind right now.

treacle tarts

tart :n.: a prostitute.
so, another slow day here at Mac Station, another busy day for Verse Studios, and some new sketches in the sketchbook for ya’ll to look at. of course these do not include the snazzy jazzy space ship sketches that only Verse Studio’s people can see.
and Sarah.
and anyone who steals my sketchbook… I’ll find you punk, find you and cut you till you BLEED!

am I chopped liver?

liver :n.: the bile-secreting organ of an animal, used as food.
why didn’t anyone take the time to tell me my father was in the hospital again?
I have a phone.
I have email.
I have voicemail.
I have a blog.
I have a website.
it isn’t like I am unreachable.
yet again I am the last to find out about my own father’s health, or some family event, or what ever. then everyone wonders why I never fucking call them.