poetry :n.: a piece of literature written in meter; verse.
a customer dropped off a book of his poetry for me yesterday. it has a personal signing in it and everything, and all I did was sell him a computer. he’s nice, reminds me of my father. I’m going to send him some art as a thank you for his thank you. it is all about weaving a web of obligations and returned favours.
note that word verse, wow, it’s just popping up everywhere these days.
here is a sample from Frederick Candelaria’s Liturgies:

skinny dip
She swam nude,
but, for all
the liquid passion,
I knew by her tail
she wasn’t a fish
(or mermaid)
when, like poplars
caught by the wind
their green leaves
turn up silver
in sunlight,
her golden body
flipped in the water,
her bright ass laughed
and breasts bubbled
white like cream
streaming suddenly
in the iced coffee
of the brown river.

changes everything

everything :pron. : all things, or all the group of things.
if I hear or read the phrase, or variation of, ‘this will change everything’ again I will vomit.
I hate to break it to the presenters last night, but podcasting will not change everything. it will not make me fly, or avoid death, and it will not pay my taxes. podcasting will not revolutionize the world in any manner remotely close to what the internet did in the mid 90′s. podcasting is not going to become a fundimental part of our society in the way the internet has.
podcasting is just content.
the internet is a system for content delivery.
big. difference.
not to say that podcasting isn’t cool or hip, but the phrase ‘this changes everything’ is such a load of crock these days. every video game ‘changes everything.’ every movie ‘changes everything.’ every book, magazine article, song, and new corporate sponsored web journal or blog ‘changes everything.’
marketing. bullshit.
the worse part about this advertising psychobabble is that it has corrupted the masses, they just read it and vomit it back out into ‘user reviews.’ so now even things like digg.com are suspect. how do we trust the reviews of teenybopper morons who can only spew back what the insane advertising machine is saying?
end. rant.


needs : v. intr. : to be necessary.
I’ve been looking at maslow’s hierarchy of needs lately, but not in the oh-so-obvious aspect of ‘why marcus has beef with society’, but rather as a way to build a business model.
so, here I am thinking about starting a company… again. a gaming company. again.
but this time, I’m thinking different. I’m thinking maslow’s hierarchy of needs. conclusion:
pay the players to play the game
oh no my friends, not insanity. I am completely sane when I say this. I am still working out the details on how this would be economically viable, but I am certain it is possible. I will mull this over while I sleep and over the next few days.

the child of pride

pride : n. : a flamboyant or impressive group: a pride of acrobats.
she got on to the train, dripping sleet in slow motion waves. a waif of a girl with the runny mascara eyes the size of dinner plates, oozing the attitude only available to the young and disenfranchised. she scrunched down beside me, smearing water across my expensive jacket.
she smelled of coffee and icy weather.
we rode the crowded train in silence, watching the people get on and off, a matched pair of jokers waiting to be dealt. the train emptied, and she turned to me with her khol rimmed eyes of amber and gray, and said ‘where is Mary?’
we then parted ways…

art day

art : suff. : one that habitually or excessively is in a specified condition or performs a specified action: drunkard.
so, updated the sketchbook section with some new sketches. did a bit of formatting on a web forum. pondering drawing or something.
all in all, art day has been okay. no tv, no ‘non art related computer activities’. kinda cool. anyhow, I’m going to wander off and draw something for a bit. happy end of the shortest month of the year which I can never spell correctly.