ram : n. : a memory device in which information can be accessed in any order.
so, for your enjoyment I post the following. ( mainly as a way for me to keep a log of these tasty urls. )
here’s a bit more on the whole multiverse fad that is sweeping the digital world.
oh, and here’s some news from google.
and, finally, some high level geekery as to why the playstation three is not on the market yet.
oh, and I think from now on tuesday’s are ‘art day’.
not an exciting post, but a post none-the-less.

minor changes

minor : n. : a minor key, scale, or interval.
so I made some minor changes to my website after watching someone at work clicking around. I call it the ‘KY market analysis technique.’ don’t ask, long story.
anyhow, the blog is now what you first hit when you come into the site. I’ve also redone the sketchbook, it no longer has words, just sketches. I’ve got some more to add to it, but now it is dated and more…ummm…like what I want. next on the chopping block: the folio section. but for today, this is it. slowly moving over to xhtml strict as well as I do this, look for stylish logos that say how cool I am at being standards compliant!

adobe photoshop install

adobe : n. : a sun-dried, unburned brick of clay and straw.
so, recently cordilia, our mac mini, needed to have her operating system reinstalled. I chose to do a clean install because she was having serious issues with tigger. ( not tiger, tigger. cause steve jobs owns a chunk of disney now… and they own whiney the poo… you know… anyhow… ) so, like, when ever one does a clean install, one has issues. here are the ones I have had so far:
1) lost email – I have officially lost about 8 months of digital corrispondance.
2) lost contact lists – where my girls at, not the front or back, and I mean that…
3) adobe photoshop is pooched – so, what for some is an ‘easter egg’ is for me an issue. photoshop is now space monkey.
so, if anyone has ever dealt with adobe’s technical support they will know you have one of few options. here they are in order of ‘ease of use’:
1) google
2) a hammer
3) adobe’s user knowledge base ( if you can manage to find it, log into it, and read it. )
4) adobe’s support literature
5) adobe’s phone support
notice how a hammer is more useful for technical problems than adobe’s support network. that is a key point of the list.
so, at some time tomorrow I am calling adobe, from work, to get a challenge code so I can once again install photoshop on my machine. again. for the third time. which isn’t any fault of adobe’s, but this bloody challenge code shit is such a waste of their time and mine. why the hell didn’t they just say ‘oh, upgrading from archaic photoshop? here is a new serial number sir, thank you for continuing to use our product.’
when I have photoshop again, and can edit images again, I will post a screen shot of adobe: space monkey starting up. right after I send travis a better logo…
just think, I get to do this again when I upgrade my copy of illustrator.

not bipedal

bipedal : adj. : having two feet; two-footed.
so, in an effort ot break some conventions I am attempting to create a non-bipedal alien species. so far my quest for a non-conventional alien has lead me to spaces where one doesn’t find bi-pedal things. mainly the ocean.
you know, when you really look at them, octopi are really freaky.
picture one with a laser stunner.
in battle armour.
moving down a ship in three dimensions as it suction walks around the hallway going in a spiral…for a moment it seems to flow along the ceiling, now it is at a fourty-five degree angle, now it is on the walls, now on the floor. as it does this with about half of it’s legs, the other half are waving around dangerous looking devices that disgourge nasty blue-green lasars that carve scorch marks along bulkheads.
that’s the shit…
no bipeds here. nope. just us homo sapiens. and, honestly, is it that much harder to have a ship filled with water rather than a ship filled with air? sure, you have a bit more inertia, but everyone inside is cushioned from accelleration damage. just picture these weird egg-sack like ships gliding through space, disgourging smaller egg-sacks that fly at you at high velocities shooting things that blow you up, even thouth they look just like something you find on a plate in a greek restaurant.
we’d be natural enemies. can you imagine the diplomatic meetings? the homo sapiens always wondering what the octo-aliens would taste like in a lemon butter sauce, the octo-aliens wondering how long it would take to drain the water out of the flesh bag across the table.
it would be love at first sight. honest.
okay, I better get to bed.

jellyfish speakers

jellyfish : n. pl. : any of numerous usually free-swimming marine coelenterates of the class scyphozoa, characteristically having a gelatinous, tentacled, often bell-shaped medusoid stage as the dominant phase of its life cycle.
man what a day. busy as hell, another late lunch ( almost 4:00 pm before I ate ), and a company wide email about the theft of ipods. oh me oh my. so, I am still trying to sell chad and travis on the life of an entrepreneur, particularly in game design. I know they both want to, that they are dissatisfied by and large with corporate life in large business. but man, they have some serious bills to pay. new cars. new houses. families. typical life stuff like the need to eat more than kraft dinner and pickles. one day we’ll all pull together on a project and blow the bloody world away, just need to get some startup capital.
lotto six-fourty-nine here I come.
on other fronts aerie entertainment is still chugging along. had a shite weekend trying to draw, I am beyond rusty with that sort of pen to paper these days, even though it has only been what, a year since I finished my art degree? so, to help my sagging skills I am drawing on the train ride while I come in to the downtown store. it is less difficult to draw on the train than I expected… though you get some interesting looks now and then. have some good ideas bumping about in the brain for the company, though so far most of them are writing. may even have a few ideas for the game title.
creative low is bottoming out, starting to swing back into a possitive cycle. probably why I’m harping at people to go into a startup situation. but, sadly, not many want to work for low pay and equity for two years in order to make the big payoff later. most of us can not.
but, like, at some point we have to chase our muse, follow those dreams. in my case, I want to build virtual communities, realms that push past simple ‘games’ and into something else. and you know thirty is just around the corner, and then fourty, fifty, sixty, and the golden age of retirement. what ever that is.

short staffed lunch

lunch : n. : a meal eaten at midday.
I am like a bear. at certain points in my biological cycles I have to eat, and if I don’t I will kill things. my attention span drops to zero, my tolerance level drops to zero, and my temper goes from tolerant to explosive.
low blood sugars.
so, like, don’t be suprised if I am snappy to even the boss when I don’t get lunch. short-staffed or not.

who needs a job?

needs : v. intr. : to be in need or want.
so I am going to shamelessly plug part of my personal philosophy of game design.
games are no longer games. they are digital environments.
some environments, like MMORPGs are digital communities.
so, why can we not, in these digital communities, have jobs that pay us real money. not dubloons or silver or credits, but real money. or at least why can we not convert digital community money into real money. why can I not have a job playing a ‘video game’ constantly?
well, I can. in theory on digital communities like second life we can. finally, my dream come true, I can fuck around online all day long and make money. I love it. in theory any how… time will tell if there is a practicality to these types of digital economomies. probably scares the hell out of the census takers. occupation : gamer.

starting a company

company : n. : a ship’s crew and officers.
man, starting a company is hard. especially when you work a nine-to-five ( or in my case, a ten-to-six ) job in retail.
interesting things of note for today:
1) superbowl was yet again more pomp than content. the game was dull, but the shrimp cocktail was delightful.
2) halogen lights are hot.
3) websites do not build themselves.
still using all lowercase baby!

a hostel is twenty-two dollars

hostel : n. : a supervised, inexpensive lodging place for travelers, especially young travelers.
so I was going to post about how shitty my day was, but instead I am going to post about how I made my day better in five easy steps.
1) deposited paycheck – nothing makes you feel better than not having a negative account balance.
2) withdrew twenty dollars – yay, cash!
3) gave twenty dollars to clint – clint was this young homeless guy begging for money outside the bank. I gave him my spending money for the week.
4) buy flowers for someone – I bought ten tulips for sarah. I also get to enjoy them here at home.
5) give clint a ride to McDonalds – clint saw me on the way out of the store, and asked for a ride to McDonalds. so I gave him one. we shook hands a couple times, I dropped him off, and he asked if I could buy him dinner. I gave him another four dollars. he said a hostel costs twenty-two dollars, and he was almost there… so I gave him money for a happy meal.
and now my day isn’t shitty any more. supper time, cheers all.