two dead soldiers

soldiers : n. : a sexually undeveloped form of certain ants and termites, having large heads and powerful jaws.
so, I am into bottle number two here of the supper corona. I lucked out and scored sarah’s, she has developed a nasty headache that is rapidly climbing towards migrane. hope she is doing okay in the bedroom.
went out and hiked around the burrard inlet side of stanley park this afternoon. both of us got a bit too much sun, and we are both out of shape so bad that we were crippled by the time we got back to the flat. bully for us though eh? almost stepped on a slug, and there was this squirrel. you know, normally they are all ‘oh no, HUMAN!’ and split on you. kinda always fun to try and chase ‘em down. but this one, my god. brazen hussey. it was sitting under the bench, RIGHT UNDER MY BOOTY! then I made the fatal error of fiddling with some gravel on the bench with a dead leaf. well, that little squirrel he just perked up, jumped up onto the back of the bench, and stuck his face in mine.
needless to say I let out one of my ‘oh no there is a badger in the wood mound’ squeels. sarah said I shouldn’t taunt the squirrels then try to scare them.
it was around beaver lake. (which is less a ‘lake’ and more a ‘scummy pond full of cat tails and lilly pads’) so if you are tromping around beaver lake, watch yo back chummer. dem squirrels be mean ass mofos.
peace out.