a thousand stones

stone : n. : a table with a smooth surface on which page forms are composed.
a thousand stones thrown into a pool, a thousand ripples. each stone a thought, a dream, a prayer. a thousand thousand ripples. a tidal wave. a connection.
if you toss enough stuff into a system, it responds back to you in a synergistic manner. there is a point at which any system reaches critical mass, and coincidence becomes common place, the system becomes alive for those involved in it. you add a stone, you get a ripple of that stone back to you. as you add more and more stones, you get a build up of feedback ripples, and voila, you have acheived super-conciousness.
you. the system. one.

Kinkos People

people : n.pl. : family, relatives, or ancestors.
so towards the end of my shift tonight this woman came in, she was short, dark olive skinned, with lots of irridescent green eyeshadow. she had a book on the ‘secret language of birthdays’ or something. here are some things it said about me:

the day of the imaginative revelations
strengths: creative, truthful, imaginative
weaknesses: difficult, disturbing
advice: your attempts at disclousure are not always appreciated. try to be sensitive to the feelings of others on this point. remain true to your visions and relentless in your efforts. don’t let the world beat you down; you will be appreciated sooner or later.
tarot: the seventh card of the major arcana is the chariot…the good side of this card posits success, talent and efficiency; the bad side suggests a dictatorial attitude and a poor sense of direction.
some random stuff: by revealing so much of themselves, july seventh people can effect anything from mild shock to disturbance in others, sometimes even an awakening…
they may be considered more than a little strange, yet their fanciful thoughts and endeavors rarely miss the mark. a july seventh person’s link to the subconscious is very strong. therefore they have the ability to understand many of the perverse twists and turns that the human mind can take. little that is bizarre or unusual surprises them, since they have encountered much of it before in themselves.
…they ma com to be accused of meddling in other people’s affairs, getting involved in matters that do not really concern them.
july seventh people are generally rather difficult to live with.
they may be known by there children as dreamers, by their friends as unrealistic and by business partners as less than reliable. Indeed they are most often missunderstood by others.

pretty bang on if you ask me. thanks strange young woman at kinkos.

ain’t no hollah back girl

back : n. : a shallow vat or tub used chiefly by brewers.
when did Gwen Stefani go retarded? honestly, I remember a time when she was in a band. I remember a time when she could sing. now we get ‘this shit, this shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s, this shit is bananas….’ I haven’t decided if she is being titanically sarcastic or if all the drugs and male prostitutes have fragged her mind beyond saving. I suppose I should have seen it coming back when she started doing guest appearances on hip-pop tracks.
so, blogger, you mother fucker, you crapped out on me yesterday. I demand that this free service be up and running at all fucking times. all times you bastards. for free. with no adverts. damn you.
but seriously, what the hell is wrong with the top fourty commodity music? ‘ain’t no hollah back girl’? who the hell is responsible for that? they need a kick to the teeth. this is why I hate the radio…yet…still…drawn…to…it…

my convocation

convocation : n. : an assembly of the clergy and representative laity of a section of a diocese of the episcopal church.
so, I am now one of the holy chosen, a mighty member of the council of 1900+ fine artists to graduate from the university of calgary’s fine arts faculty. yes, a fantastic occasion for myself, and for my fellow human beings. you all should rejoice in my completion of things. here, take a moment to reflect upon my greatness….
the main speech was good. well beyond what one normally hears. there was pomp. there was cerimony. there were bagpipes and the lt. govoner general for alberta. notable events include: the entrance march song was ‘you can’t always get what you want’ by the rolling stones, covered by a jazz quartet. there was also ‘hey jude’ by the beatles in there… I think. as the exit march, I think it was the beatles, the lyrics go something like this:
naaaaaaaaa, na na-na-na naaaaaa, na na na na naaaaaa, naa naaa.
google that ya bastids! (do it, you’ll get something, and that is ‘hey jude’ anyhow.)
anyhow, I am done. Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Fine Arts, with Distinction.