so long carl stoddard

so: adj. : in good order.
initially I was going to write about the state of the corporate consumer culture mind, the way pop music is reflecting something sad and dangerous.
instead, I am going to say so long to carl stoddard, my girlfriend’s grandfather. he passed away about 15-20 minutes ago. I only met you once in a house full of cats and toy fire-engines, but you were an interesting man Mr. Stoddard. godspeed.

cold camping

cold : adv. : with complete finality.
Sarah and I had our camping trip cut short. she managed to get quite ill on the first night, so we came back early. ces’t la vie.
my sister took the cat in to the vet again. she has now lost a total of six pounds… she is so skinny the doctor could palpitate the tumour in her stomach area. we will probably take her in to have her euthanized monday or tuesday. my sister is very upset over this…she really does not want to deal with Oreo’s death, and for that matter neither do I.
in some ways it is good. she had a nice life with us for a decade or so. she will be missed. I just hope my sister doesn’t fall into a heavy depression over this… we shall see. I hope she still goes on her trip, she is supposed to leave on thurdsay…
here comes another melancholy monday. keep eyes peeled for a post on death and the afterlife!

prostate rebate

rebate : n. : an iron tool sharpened something like a chisel, and used for dressing and polishing wood.
an update on the epic trials of my father and his quarter inch catheter.
last night they did a procedure that hacks off bits of the prostate, chopping them into little bits that are then urinated out of the body. barbaric? perhaps. he seems to be looking a lot better today, though his urine is still very -very- red. like melted fruit punch slurpee. that means he is still bleeding…but, well, they did go in with a small drain auger and root about inside, so I guess that is to be expected.
on the job front: still looking. 72 hours into the job search, and I am still unemployed. but that 7-11 position with the ‘irrigated bladder’ slurpees is still up for grabs…
in other news I have decided to work on a css zengarden design or two. we shall see how it goes.
oh, and ecoli at Peter’s Drive-In. from ‘potentially contaminated ground beef.’ big surprise. read the following for more information on how much ‘shit’ is in our ‘beef’ even without B.S.E.
sick cows…
ontario beef recall…
ecoli in-depth
urine in your beef…
factory farmin’
take a moment. read those. then think.
I am sure you will come to the same conclusion as I. that factory farms and slaughter houses are getting urine (piss), faeces (poop), and offal (organs) all over our meat even before it gets to the ‘mechanical separator’. boy, maybe, just maybe, that is why ecoli is on the rise. maybe, JUST MAYBE, all this disrespectful slaughter is contributing to CANCER RATES…
or, maybe we just need to irradiate our food with nearly a half million rads and cook it more. yup.
side note: 1 rad = 1 rem. thank you google’s ‘convert’ command.

mayflies and silverfish

silverfish : n. pl. : a small silvery or grey bristle-tail (lepisma saccharina) that feeds on the starchy material in book-bindings, wallpaper, clothing, and food, often causing extensive damage.
protect your book-bindings, go digital. until someone comes along and makes a new virus named ‘silverfish’ that eats away the page and content structure in you PDFs. a lot of hackers these days have no creative spark. they just make viruses that send me useless spam mail until a server crashes. where is the creativity in that past the first time someone does it? now making a virus named ‘silverfish’ that exists in a unique ecosystem, a small digital niche where it eats and ruins only part of a PDF file… now that is a thing of beauty.
whoever makes a virus like that deserves a kick in the groin. I hate having ruined files.
it’s 9:15 pm, do you know where your children are? if they are the kids who were wandering around bowness in paper suits and rainbow clown hair, give em a hand for me. this world needs more people in paper suits wandering around.
where is all this leading? to the fact that I ate too much cheese today.
you figure it out…