sick sad world

sick : tr. v. : to urge or incite to hostile action.
one event sets off a chain.
a man hits his wife, a son sees this, a son hits another boy, a boy’s life falls apart, a boy grows, a boy dates, a boy thinks about death.
a boy grows up to be a man. a man talks to another man. another man sits at a computer screen and wonders why the world is a sick sad place. another man talks about the soul.
you see? a chain of interdependant actions. this does that. causes that. leads to that. a big ass rock tossed into the pond that is the super-conscious. and each ripple potentially sparks another person to toss a rock. and so on. and so on.
hopefully people toss some good rocks as well as the bad.

700cc of clot

clot: n. : a clump, a mass, or lump, as of clay.
so my dad went into the hospital on monday morning. he had been up over twenty-four hours bleeding from his bladder. apparently there was blood all over the bathroom, as if a murder had occured. my sister took a call from him, came and took him to the hospital emergency. she then went back and cleaned his house. she needs a medal…
so, he’s bleeding. from the bladder. and clots are plopping out now and then…
s.o.p. is to ‘irrigate the bladder’ I suppose. they did. he screamed. (irrigation is when they take a catheter, shove it up your urethra, then force a big ass syringe full of water up into the bladder, then use the plunger on the syringe to pull the water back out.) they also put him on lots of fluid to flush the bladder.
his chest cavity slowly began to fill with water, and his heart slowly began to drown.
luckily their was a surgeon on duty. he went in and took a look about. my father’s prostate was swollen and bleeding. the surgeon went in and cauterized the bleeding areas and loosened up the clots that were building up and blocking the bladder.
by the end of the evening over 700cc of blood clot were removed.
he is ‘stable’ now, but he almost died.
I spent tuesday in a hospital. I hate hospitals, but I love hospital food… go figure.

razor burn

razor: n. – a small Mediterranean fish (Coryphaena novacula), prized for the table.
So, I shaved yesterday. I decided, hey, lets just shave in the reverse direction. Up instead of down. You know, like a ‘real’ man.
Instant. Razorburn. I feel like I ran my face through a thresher.
Ah, another banal post on the internet. Enjoy you sick bastards.

minions return

return : v. tr. – to produce or yield (profit or interest) as a payment for labor, investment, or expenditure.
all righty then, must remember to avoid capital letters. Could fix that easy with my style sheet, but I love the challenge of…err… yes then.
Sunny day, cool, passing clouds.

cicatrice reborn

reborn: adj. – emotionally or spiritually revived or regenerated.
Well, I suppose cicatrice is back online, after a two year hiatus. More words, more rants, more of all the things I used to do when I was sitting at work bored out of my tree. You know how it is.
So, hopefully things go well this time around.
School’s out forever. Or at least until I decide to go back some day. Now, on to find work! If you are interested in hiring a web/photoshop/illustrator/design/print/whatever lackey or minion, check out my resume. If not, well, that’s cool too.