Cover Letter Number 1

So, I have been looking for full time work since the end of March. ( I also do freelancing graphic design, web design, logo design, wedding invitation design, design design, illustration, project management, community management, and will mop and fetch coffee. If you happen to, like, be looking… ) As part of this blitz on resume sending I have been on a blitz of cover letter writing. Cover letters are important, and I have always had the best results job hunting with witty cover letters. So, as part of my job hunting, I am going to start blogging my cover letters.

Please feel free to comment!

Here is one I am sending out today:

To Whom It May Concern,

Are you looking for over-educated tech-sector refugees? Want to bring
on board an employee who’s worked in start-up companies for the last
four years and is tired of the long hours and poor pay? Do you want
someone content to excel at his job, what ever it is, and to grow with
a company? If so look no further, for I am your newest hire!

Currently I am working as a freelance graphic designer and consultant.
My primary client is Shared Books Ltd, where I am working as a
technology consultant and project manager on their children’s e-book
publishing website The focus of my work on the
Sharing Books project has been website development, managing outsource
contractors, and marketing efforts. I have worked closely with the
management of the company and the growing community of users on the
Sharing Books website to build new feature specs, quotes, and guide
development of the website. My other clients include various web and
graphic design contracts, as well as volunteer work for various
community groups in Alberta.

Prior to working for Shared Books Ltd. I helped found a small video
game and website development company, Verse Studios, where I was in
charge of creative direction and hands-on branding and graphics
creation. Starting a company was a hands-on experience that taught me a
lot about myself and the nature of keeping a company running. It also
pushed my creative and technical boundaries as I pushed into areas of
design and project management that were new to me. Early in 2008, after
two years of hard work, I left Verse Studios as the company changed
directions and moved into a holding pattern.

In August of 2008 my wife and I moved back to Calgary, the city where
we were both raised, from Vancouver. Since then I have been working as
a freelance designer, and looking for a more stable work situation. I
am interested in finding out more about what you are looking for with
this position to see if I would be a potential fit. Though I have a lot
of experience in the design world I am not afraid of starting at an
introductory level in a company and growing over time. I absolutely
love working, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Marcus Riedner