trips to saskatchewan

On Saturday Sarah prompted, and I accepted. After a wedding reception brunch we gassed up the car and started driving. We drove east of Calgary, and sort of kept going. We got to Medicine Hat and decided to keep on driving, crossing over into Saskatchewan, where the roads are crappy and covered in road kill. A couple hours later we rolled into Swift Current on fumes, got a hotel for the night, grabbed a meal. The next morning we turned around and started driving home.

On the way back we stopped in Maple Creek, which is a totally neat small town just off the Trans-Canada Highway. We took a bit of a detour through the town, and then hunted down the Cypress Hills Winery. Which is a shocker, a vineyard on the prairies! With grape vines and everything! Sure, they were pretty small, having been beat down by hail last year, but very cool to see.

Drove back home by the end of Sunday. I can now say I’ve been to Saskatchewan!