Web design update

So last Thursday Andrea Phillips pinged me on Skype and asked if I was interested in helping her out with a project she was working on. It was very short notice, and I had some packing to do for a weekend of camping that started the next day, but I said sure. Out of that came the design for My Super First Day, a fun little website that pulls together blog posts about people’s first day with a super power. Elements of the design have been picked up and ported over to a Ning community as well, though I had no hand in that other then passing on a PSD to Andrea. Looks pretty good, and it’s nice to see it translated over to Ning fairly smoothly.

My previous post today documents my submission to the site, and I thought I should include the design side in my folio, since I’m tickled by the silly colours and the whole idea. Check it out if you get a chance, and contribute if you are so inclined.
The design itself is pretty simple, and the whole concept of the site was and is very straight forward, basically a blog deal built out on TypePad. For those that care to know, design side took about two hours, building the CSS and div structure took about an hour, and getting all the templates to play nice took about an hour and a half. There are about half an hour to an hour of tweeks and adjustments as well. All told, the project was about six hours of work, including consultations with Andrea. A total blast, I love a good silly idea.

My Super First Day
My Super First Day

MetaRasa Personality Radar

And that folks is my MetaRasa Personality Radar. I am an INFJ / INFP which basically means I am an introverted intuitive / introverted feeler. Makes sense to me!

And this my friends is Katy Perry at about 140bpm. Everything sounds better when it’s happy hardcore, even Katy Perry.

What do they have in common? Today I spent some time on the phone with Patrick Lor today about a job that I applied for at Fotolia. We had a great discussion about what they are looking for ( Superstars with passion about what they do ) and how right now I seem to be… waffly. I’m not coming across as passionate about design and art, or project management, or startups, or myself. I think Pat is right, it is a good observation. What I am coming across as is really fucking desperate to get a job because I am, and that isn’t what he needs right now.

Somewhere along the way, since moving from Calgary to Vancover and back to Calgary I seem to have lost that crazy-in-the-eyes spark for all things creative. Or at least I have in my portfolio and resume. I’m still not sure if it is because I have gone all crazy-in-the-eyes for startup companies and cool web applications, or if it I am in a funk, or what. It could be all of the above.

So on Pat’s advice I’m taking some time to think. Doing some personality profiling, and listening to happy-hardcore remixes of terrible pop songs. Trying to find out what I can get behind and do for 40-80 hours a week for the next 3-5 years.

More web design work

More samples of my web design work over the last few chaotic years, most of this stuff is from 2007 and 2008, and a bunch of it is still live on the Interwebs! Le Gasp!

Chad Hill managed to get me some screencaps of the full beta/dev version of Wompum, the little webapp that died before it’s time. It isn’t online any longer and these screen shots may be the last remnants of the project. I am still searching for the logo and desing files in my archives, and I think somewhere there is a fully archived version of the projects svn repositories… should we ever decide to revive it. Wompum was a web/email/moving towards sms and twitter game of social bragging and one-ups-manship. It had ninjas. It had a big red ‘BETA’ sticker on the site. In our beta testing it was driving an average of 200 page views per user per month. The site was sticky as hell, and strangely addictive according to the feedback we were getting. It died, like most web projects, because we ran out of money and our company ( Verse Studios ) bit the dust. This is the project that worked Chad Hill into the hospital, and he deserves most of the credit for it. All I did was make pretty pictures and do some web layout work. Chad, by the way, is one of the most talented people I have ever worked with.

Wompum website
Wompum website
Wompum website
Wompum website
Wompum website

While I was in Vancouver I did a bit of freelancing, here is one of the projects I worked on. It was for a Burnaby based artist named Robert Petroni who did a lot of work in Pop Art. I did the logo, website layout, html/css and Sean Murphy did the back-end database work for the gallery. You can find the website at 100Triangles.

100 Triangles website
100 Triangles website

Next up is Share My Ticket, a Stormcode production. This is a concert and sports ticket sharing site that lets users pass tickets to friends and strangers alike, trading them for other tickets. I was responsible for the web design, typography, and the markup/css.

Share My Ticket website

And last but not least is my current pet activism and politically motivated project, Petrocant. I have been doing social marketing work on Petrocant, web design, markup/css, logo design, and general pretty picture making. The site is built on WordPress by Stormcode, who did the work pro-bono so if you need some web work done go show them some love.

Petrocant website

As usual you can find all of this stuff over on the design page of the site.

Constant Sum layout and logo

So I am slowly questing around my hard drives and across the internet looking for all the work I’ve done for friends, clients, movers and shakers over the last 4-5 years. While I was in Vancouver I was horrible about collecting together elements of my portfolio, mainly because I was either so busy or so broke that I didn’t have the time or energy to do it. This has left my work all over the place, but not on my website.

Today I add the work I did for Constant Sum, an independent gaming company down in the US that a friend of mine, Chad Hill, programmer extraordinaire, was working with. They needed a logo and a website that didn’t look like it crawled out of the early 90s, I needed a gig. I did the website wireframes, mockups, and the company logo.

Glorious isn’t it, you can find them on the design page as well.


artwork from Verse Studios

I’ve added some more work to the artwork page, a sampling of the stuff I was doing in 2006/2007 for the now defunct Verse Studios. It was a lot of concept art for space based games, with a focus on cultural elements. It is also an example of me learning to play with water colours on paper, mixing them with india inks and the like.

…wow, okay, so there are birds fighting in the back yard now… Robin vs. Magpie. Round One goes to the robin…

Anyway, that should bring things pretty much up to date on the artwork side of things. 2007 and 2008 were years of trial and strife that involved trying to save a company from death, failing, and then moving back to Calgary from New Westminster. I have some design work, logos, and some web projects from 2007 – 2008 that will find their way on to the site in the next couple weeks.

juggling jobs

I’m juggling a pile of things, they all seem like jobs right now. Moving, fixing up the house, family, Sharing Books, freelancing, trying to find stable paid employment. My todos and GTD lists are growing way faster then I can empty them of tasks, and things are getting lost in the shuffle as we move between houses.

It certainly speaks to a moving towards a Taoist life of simplicity, or hell, even a Buddhist middle path.