Web design update

So last Thursday Andrea Phillips pinged me on Skype and asked if I was interested in helping her out with a project she was working on. It was very short notice, and I had some packing to do for a weekend of camping that started the next day, but I said sure. Out of that came the design for My Super First Day, a fun little website that pulls together blog posts about people’s first day with a super power. Elements of the design have been picked up and ported over to a Ning community as well, though I had no hand in that other then passing on a PSD to Andrea. Looks pretty good, and it’s nice to see it translated over to Ning fairly smoothly.

My previous post today documents my submission to the site, and I thought I should include the design side in my folio, since I’m tickled by the silly colours and the whole idea. Check it out if you get a chance, and contribute if you are so inclined.
The design itself is pretty simple, and the whole concept of the site was and is very straight forward, basically a blog deal built out on TypePad. For those that care to know, design side took about two hours, building the CSS and div structure took about an hour, and getting all the templates to play nice took about an hour and a half. There are about half an hour to an hour of tweeks and adjustments as well. All told, the project was about six hours of work, including consultations with Andrea. A total blast, I love a good silly idea.

My Super First Day
My Super First Day

Banners from Knox Presbyterian Church

Continuing my random timeline of artwork uploads I have added the banners that Sarah and I worked on for Knox Presbyterian Church in New Westminster BC. These banners were tag-team collaborations between us, and they were printed in large format to hang in the church sanctuary. They are 24 inches by 108 inches long ( 2 feet by about 10 feet ), not including the hanging straps and devices. I did the design, Club Card did the printing, and Sarah devised and attached the banner hanging methods.

This project was started by Rev. Michael Koslowski to spruce up the banners for the various seasons of the church, and Sarah and I were happy to work on the project. We donated our time and paid for the cost of printing as part of our efforts to give back to the church that kept us sane and filled our spiritual needs during our time in New Westminster ( aka: Vancouver ).


Some Verse Studios stuff added…

So I’ve been digging through the archives I have for Verse Studios and pulling out some of the design and layout work that I did while working on the company. It is a total mixed bag, we were so short staffed and tight on manhours that things in my archives from that time are a total mess, so I don’t have firm knowledge of when things were done, or where things are that I did.

I’ve pulled out a general sampling of the sorts of design and layout work that I was doing, from print to investor pitches to websites. There is some logo work in there as well. Sadly none of this is online any longer, since the company is dead, so all I have are the samples and screencaps, and on occasion some mockup PSDs.

You can find the new work up on the design page.

new design stuff

So the crew over at Sindome are on a funding drive to support the cost of hosting the game. Server time ain’t cheap, and even though it is a text based MOO she hits the server pretty hard. So I’ve done my part by ponying up $50, and I’ve tossed in some ideas into the rewards stew. I’ve also put together the funding thermometer. It has been added to my design work page.

I’ve had nearly 10 years of free entertainment from Sindome, I’ve been admin for going on 6 years, and it is always my pleasure to give back to a community that has been so critical in growing my social network, building my skill set, and finding me friends. I encourage any of the mixers, corpies, and general chummers out there to pony up some flash to help the game world that has created half the slang you use to confuse everyone else.

Because there are only two types of people in the world: Sindomers and Everyone Else.

artwork from Verse Studios

I’ve added some more work to the artwork page, a sampling of the stuff I was doing in 2006/2007 for the now defunct Verse Studios. It was a lot of concept art for space based games, with a focus on cultural elements. It is also an example of me learning to play with water colours on paper, mixing them with india inks and the like.

…wow, okay, so there are birds fighting in the back yard now… Robin vs. Magpie. Round One goes to the robin…

Anyway, that should bring things pretty much up to date on the artwork side of things. 2007 and 2008 were years of trial and strife that involved trying to save a company from death, failing, and then moving back to Calgary from New Westminster. I have some design work, logos, and some web projects from 2007 – 2008 that will find their way on to the site in the next couple weeks.


My site is back online after a seriously long hiatus. I took the site down in January intending to have it moved over from hand coded html and blogger to MT4 over a weekend, but as life is wont to do things were a bit interrupted. Since January my wife and I have bought a house, dealt with 3-5 minor emergencies, and a couple major ones.

It is now going on spring, so I suppose this is as good a time as any to bring the site back, with more features then ever! I am still working on getting all my artwork and design work up on the site, currently it is mostly works from prior to my move to Vancouver. I still have to add the huge body of work that I did for Verse Studios before the company bit the dust, look for those over the next couple… umm… weeks? I hope.