spring cleaning

So I spent some time today and went through all the pages and templates for the site and made sure everything was validating clean for xhtml 1.1 transitional and CSS 2.0. So far everything looks good! I’ve added snazzy chicklets down at the bottom of the page for the validation bragging rights.

What turned out to be the biggest pain was the YouTube embed code, which isn’t valid. That took a bit of Googling to find a solution. Turns out you just have to make a few minor alterations to the embed code that is provided on YouTube to bring it back in line, down side is that older browsers may not recognize the embed… and by older I mean Netscape old.

Still doing cross browser testing, everything seems to parse clean when I use browsershots.org, but if you catch anything fire me a shout and I’ll whip it back into shape.

Oh, and the people at 1-800-GOT-JUNK swung by this morning and cleared out the giant pile of rubble from the not-a-garage weekend demolision project. Woot!

I can haz bad speeling

So I was sort of bumming around online last night when Jessica Citizen over at Games On Net gave me a ping on AIM asking me if it was intentional that I had spelled ‘chaos’ as ‘choas’ on my website. Now this was news to me, and to make things even better it was a typo in the big splashy cool typography header on the site. Yup, I have been telling the world for months now how bad I am at spelling.

It’s not my fault, honestly. Over the last few years I have been getting faster at reading. As part of that I have started seeing words as shapes, not as a series of letters. So to my eye ( and brain ) the word ‘chaos’ and the word ‘choas’ are virtually identical. Especially in snazzy tracked out sans-serif display fonts. It gets even better, for the last few months I have started having problems where entire words and sentences are getting written backwards.

Yes, that is right, whole words are getting typed in backwards. Their shapes are still close enough to the front-ways words that I can still read them with ease, but everyone else is getting total gack. Particularly troubling are words that are slang and/or audible sounds, like ‘errr’ or ‘hrmmm’. ‘mmmmh’ or ‘rrre’ are getting common.

It makes me wonder if part of the problem is the nearly global spell checking features of the Mac OS. Every where I go if I spell things wrong it lets me know with red squiggly underlines. And when I don’t see those lines, or they appear under words that I know are slang, I ignore them. Sadly Photoshop CS2 is not a spell checking friendly application.

Anyhow, my speeling errhors are fixed. For now.

CC-SA 2.5 Canada

I hate copyright. I loathe it. This site is now under creative commons share attribution share-alike 2.5 Canada. At some point I’ll go on a big ol happy rant on intellectual property and what I think of the current set of drek that makes up the copyright laws on our planet, particularly here in North America. It will be a great rant, I assure you. But for now just know that this site is CC A-SA. Punks.

Also note, I have added Google Analytics to the site, because I have these delusions that tens of thousands of people visit my website to keep track of what I am doing and saying. Yup, I can now track all-a-yall.