Moving to WordPress

This site has been on Moveable Type since 2008 or so, which in Internet terms is abazillion years. Unfortunately MT has a bloaty hard drive swallowing database that has clocked up over 800mb, so it’s getting the boot in favour of WordPress which gives me far more control over what I can do.

For the moment the template is going to be the default, until I get around to fixing up a custom dealio.

Still trying to figure out how to move over pages and some of the image settings. I’ve got broken galleries to fix as well, I may just leave old posts busted up. We’ll see…

Goodbye Safari…

I have a low tolerance level for browsers crashing. Up until the last few weeks Safari was my browser of choice. But lately Safari has been unstable, almost childish at times, when I use Google products. Gmail rendering issues, constant crashing, and just general productivity killing.

Today was the last straw. Four crashes in one day is unacceptable in a browser. So until the next major revision of Safari comes out she is now relegated on my dock to fringe browsers for testing… like Opera.
Primary browser for dev: Firefox.
Primary browser for surfing: Chrome.
Being a witty fellow, I also sent a bug report to Apple. In the form of a haiku.

MetaRasa Personality Radar

And that folks is my MetaRasa Personality Radar. I am an INFJ / INFP which basically means I am an introverted intuitive / introverted feeler. Makes sense to me!

And this my friends is Katy Perry at about 140bpm. Everything sounds better when it’s happy hardcore, even Katy Perry.

What do they have in common? Today I spent some time on the phone with Patrick Lor today about a job that I applied for at Fotolia. We had a great discussion about what they are looking for ( Superstars with passion about what they do ) and how right now I seem to be… waffly. I’m not coming across as passionate about design and art, or project management, or startups, or myself. I think Pat is right, it is a good observation. What I am coming across as is really fucking desperate to get a job because I am, and that isn’t what he needs right now.

Somewhere along the way, since moving from Calgary to Vancover and back to Calgary I seem to have lost that crazy-in-the-eyes spark for all things creative. Or at least I have in my portfolio and resume. I’m still not sure if it is because I have gone all crazy-in-the-eyes for startup companies and cool web applications, or if it I am in a funk, or what. It could be all of the above.

So on Pat’s advice I’m taking some time to think. Doing some personality profiling, and listening to happy-hardcore remixes of terrible pop songs. Trying to find out what I can get behind and do for 40-80 hours a week for the next 3-5 years.

Another base two milestone

I am geek enough to care, I just had my latest base two milestone over twitter. 256 tweets, 8-bits, my favourite. To celebrate I’ve taken a screenshot, and am doing the happy dance at my computer. Feels good to be doing my part to fill the internet with things that only interest me, and will end up causing all sorts of bit-rot for the data miners of the future. To those future intreped explorers of the darkest forgotten datanodes of the internet I salute you! You have found me, at last, the greatest of your treasures!



Excitement level, zero

This is turning into a day of unending frustrations.

  1. Wifi issues in the morning.
  2. Power issues on my laptop shortly after as my AC adapter dies a slow death.
  3. Issues logging into MT4 forums.
  4. Issues with password recovery on above forums.
  5. Problems uploading files to the admin back-end of Sharing Books.
  6. Problems with getting PDFpen to open some PDF files from Sharing Books. ( thank goodness for their tech support, a solution was found within 15 minutes ).
  7. Shortage of non-packed food in the house.
  8. The predicted rain has turned into unexpected snow.

Looks like it is going to be one of those days where problems pile up and keep me from getting my todo list shorter. Ah well, cest la vie.

Packing, phase I

One of  the advantages of moving cities into a house that is partially furnished is you get to leave your stuff packed, sitting in a basement, waiting for the day you move from the place you are house sitting to where ever it is you are going to end up. That’s what Sarah and I have been doing, house sitting for her brother. Now we have a place of our own and are in the midst of yet another move, but this time we have a lot less packing. We never unpacked most of our stuff in the first place.

Tonight we got most of the kitchen stuff packed, we just have the food in the fridge to deal with. Sarah has most of our bric-a-brak packed up, though there is still that final box of misc. junk yet to be packed. I think she packed my shoes… hope I have something for tomorrows walk.

I know things are getting serious when I start decommissioning computers, gaming consoles, and wifi networks. Tonight the Wii was packed, Cordillia ( our Mac Mini and media hard drive array ) has been shut down for the first time in 7 months, and put in her boxes. And The Karratos ( our Airport Extreme ), which had been renamed to ‘Marcus Riedner’s Network’ for our stay here, has been removed from the grid. We are currently surfing on ‘The Dungeon’, Blake’s Airport Express.

UHaul is booked for Thursday. Lucky for us the forecast is for snow.